Compusafe Touch screen Technology

Just a simple touch of your finger to hire a new locker

* Multilingual voice to talk to your customers in their own language.

* Patented anti jam locking system.

* Accepts Coins, Banknotes, Barcodes, RFID and other forms of payment.

* Safe 12 volt operation throughout with battery backup.

* Whatever your security needs, there is a Compusafe product to suit.

* Compusafe Locker Systems are designed and built to last.

* Compusafe is provided mostly free, together with our total management plan and you share in the revenue $$$.
RFID Wrist band Technology
RFID wristband access solves the problem of your customers having to remember their access codes when renting lockers and also solves the congestion at busy locker sites! The customer just places their hand on the white hand marker pad and hey presto the locker is automatically opened. Click here and read how RFID has increased client locker revenues dramatically.
Wristbands can be programmed with cash credits, which can be used for other purchases through out your venue. All purchase are automatically logged and deducted from the wristband credit amount.

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